October 24, 2022

Come! Let's crack the next Interview

We are always excited about new jobs; new opportunities and new roles, where we always believe that will be another level for our career growth. Without a doubt, you will be well prepared technically with respect to the domains and roles. But you have to understand that there are lots more to prepare in order to perform well and crack the interview.  Although the interview process can be quite challenging but the preparation may help to build your confidence also to prove that you  are good candidate.. Let’s learn how to nail your next interview with the below tips which will help you to perform and crack the interview


First Impression


They say the first impression is the best impression which is indeed true. Dress well professionally which is clean and comfortable. Because looking good makes you more comfortable and confident. Punctuality is yet another thing to take into concern, so be on time or earlier to avoid last-minute rush and mess.  If the interview is remote, make sure you dress well and you have all equipment and choose a calm and good place. Relax because you are well prepared, so don’t get nervous. Try starting the interview with a pleasant smile.

Communication Skills


Communication skill doesn’t mean that you are fluent in speaking the respective language, but it is the practice that how well you can present your opinions, and thoughts while answering the interviewer's questions. Try practicing nonverbal communication skills like smiling, eye contact, and body language which is highly noted and evaluated.


In what way communicating with a positive tone will help you?

Yes speaking clearly with no fillers and in a positive tone will help you to communicate better during an interview. These skills will let your interviewer clearly know how your personality is good also how you are confident with the skills.

Good study on the position


It is very important to understand and have good knowledge of the role that you applied for. Try reviewing the job role to understand what sort of employee the company is looking for. Read the job description clearly and see whether your skills match their expectation. Reviewing this earlier in the interview may help in projecting to the interviewer how you’re really interested and motivated to get the role, which will help you in answering a few questions specific to the job roles.


A good research about the company


Research on the company is yet another preparation for your interview. Understanding the organization's vision and mission will help you to show up how you are well-prepared and understood the core aspects of the organization. This will again help the recruiter to know how your experience and background help to fit in their roles. Try checking the company's websites and social media platforms and go through their recent achievements and awards. Read the reviews on GlassDoor and LinkedIn. This will help you to have a clear idea of the work culture and align your career goals with theirs. Make sure you are presenting genuine answers without overhyping.


Clarity on work history


There will be questions from the interviewer to share your work experience and you will be asked to summarize your work history at the beginning of a session. So, always be prepared to explain your experience clearly and relevant to the job also present it confidently. Be humble but confident with your honest answers.


Questions for recruiter 


There might be a scenario where you will be invited to ask questions to the recruiter, so never say no to them. Rather be prepared to have some set of questions to ask them, for this the research on the industry and job role may help you to have a few questions ready.


End with a positive note


Closing the interview on a positive note is a very important thing, so end the interview on a thankful note. Communicate in such a way that you are a really capable and interested candidate who is ready to pick up challenging roles.